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If you have been exploring Buddhism and Zen Meditation and are wondering how to take the next step on the path of Zen Practice, look no further. Our Online Orientation to Zen resources have been created to help you develop a consistent and stable Zen practice, no matter where you are.

Online Orientation to Zen Meditation

Once this gradual and progressive four-week program has been completed, your knowledge and physical Zen practice should be well established enough for you to begin formal practice with Zenwest, and the experience you gain through practice will also ease your entry into virtually any other Zen or Buddhist group you choose to engage with.

Online Orientation to Zen Training Program

All of these resources are made possible through the generous support of our Members and Associates, and are FREE to use as often as you like, and to share as widely as you wish to.

Group/Private Course Support and Practice Assessment

Even with all of these resources, establishing a consistent and stable practice can prove difficult. In addition to our Online Orientation to Zen, we also offer a scheduled group or one-to-one “Course Support Package”. By registering for private support, you will receive email guidance and support, and a once-weekly, 30 minute skype support meeting with one of our training guides as you engage in our four-week program (4 meetings total).

Group support consists of regular email support and guidance, three once-weekly 1hr. group meetings using Adobe Connect conferencing software (headset with microphone required), and one 30 minute one-to-one skype meeting.

Course Support is offered free of charge to Members of the Zenwest Buddhist Society.

Our next Online Orientation Support Group is scheduled for November 20, 27, and December 4 at 7pm PST.

To register for Group or Private Online Orientation Support please  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  the Centre.

When you have completed the Orientation to Zen program, if you wish to practice with Zenwest*, you must first complete a “Formal Practice Assessment”. This is done in person at the Zenwest Sooke Zendo. Members and Associates can fulfill this requirement by attending a "Sangha Sunday Sit", and anyone can register to arrange a private assessment at a mutually convenient time. Please contact Zenwest to do so.

*Please note that a black, martial arts style dogi (uniform) is required for Formal Practice with Zenwest.

If you are interested in registering for support or a practice assessment, you may do so using the PayPal link below.

Register Online via PayPal: 

Online Orientation Videos