Zenwest Newsletter – May 2016

Join us for Tuesday Zen
Annual General Meeting
With Gratitude
Poetry Offering – by Sonja de Wit
A Weekend With Genjo Marinello Osho: April 1–April 3, 2016 – By Elder Hoyu Boulter
20 KM Pilgrimage – By Egen Kelly
Meet a Member – Seishin Ledingham
Rock n Roll – by Kyoku Holland
Building Bridges – Carson Share Harris: USA
Spring Sesshin in Seattle at Chobo-ji – By Reverend Soshin McMurchy
Podcast comment – From a listener
Two Ways To Engage Deeper!
Ask Eshu!
Write On!

Newsletter Team

Newsletter Team

The Newsletter Team is responsible for creating and publishing a monthly newsletter for the Zenwest Sangha. The responsibilities of the team are to proof, edit and layout a monthly e-newsletter e-mailed to members, associates and those who have expressed interest.

Zenwest Newsletter – April 2016

Diamond Sutra
April Events: Buddha, Dharma, Sangha, Oh My!
Join Us for Tuesday Zen
Upcoming Orientation to Zen Buddhist Practice Course April 2016 – by Rev. Doshu
The Gift – by Elder Hoyu Boulter
Inner Bee-ing – by Sarah Evans
A Home Blessing – by Seizan Philips
Meet a Member – Egen Kelly
Building Bridges: Roy Blackwell in Lund, B.C.
Comments from someone who listens to the Zenwest podcasts
Ask Eshu
Write On!