Zenwest Newsletter – June 2016

Two Ways To Engage Deeper! 
Meet a Member – Eko (Joshua) Goldberg
Spiritually Speaking Blog
Podcast Comment
Zenwest 2016 AGM
XYZen May 2016 Gathering – by Nathalie Jeffrey
Orientation Course
Adaptation in Perception – By Kyle Rasmussen
A Biased Review of Four Seasons Musical Theatre’s  “A Little Mermaid” – By Elder Hoyu Boulter
With Gratitude – by Seishin Ledingham

The Next Orientation to Zen Buddhist Practice Course Starts on June 25

The Next Orientation to Zen Buddhist Practice Course Starts on June 25

The next Orientation to Zen Buddhist Practice Course is starting June 25th.

Are you looking for a way to go beyond the simple basics of meditation, or how to take your practice deeper?

Are you ready to engage face-to-face with an experienced teacher, and explore how becoming involved with a community that was created to support meditation can inspire and enhance your own practice?

Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for pairing Zenwest members and associates with one of the many volunteer positions available to be filled at Zenwest.  At Zenwest, volunteering time and energy to the running of the centre not only ensures that the events and...
History of Zenwest

History of Zenwest

Our group was originally incorporated as a not-for-profit Society in British Columbia in 1980 under the name Victoria Zen Centre.  In 2013 we changed the name to Zenwest Buddhist Society.  Zenwest is recognized as a religious body in the Province of British Columbia,...