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The Zenwest Buddhist Society is a dynamic community of practitioners of Zen Buddhism. Zenwest offers a sustainable environment for the practice of living Zen in our lives and in our world. We offer local practice opportunities to members in Victoria, BC, Canada. We also maintain a number of on-line resources for people to engage with and deepen their zen practice, wherever they happen to live.


Zenwest has a number of events occurring throughout the year. We have courses, community events, and celebrations. Click the button below to see all of our events.

Growing Zenwest!

In order for our community to make it from today into the bright future, each we reach out to all Zenwest Members and Associates, as well as our friends and supporters around the world; who, like you, know first hand the value of belonging to the Zenwest Sangha and participating in our practice opportunities and events.

As a non-profit organization and federal charity, a significant part of our budget relies on charitable donations, and it is up to us to generate the resources that are required to keep our community developing, to support the practice opportunities and teaching that sustains us, and to keep generating the resources that allow us to share our wonderful community around the world.

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A Pilgrimage From The Past

1st Galloping Goose 1/2 Pilgrimage - Sunday April 10, 2016 Looking to the past we are reminded of where we came from and how far we have come and at the same time as a possible pointer to where we are going. During this pilgrimage we stepped away from our previous...

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Tuesday Evening Meditation

Zenwest’s Tuesday Evening Zen Meditation at the Interfaith Chapel is an open door to explore the way of zazen (seated meditation), the traditional and integral practice of Zen Buddhism. 

At our Tuesday evening public Zen Meditation at the UVic Interfaith Chapel we practice chanting, a Zen talk is offered by a Zenwest priest and all this is bracketed by fifteen-minute periods of sitting, and walking meditation. There is no cost for attendance.

Location and Time:

UVic Interfaith Chapel, near Finnerty Gardens

Parking Lot #6

Parking Cost $3.00

Free parking on Cedar Hill X Road & Gordon Head Road

We offer self-investigation through Zen meditation.

Arrive by 6:50pm, sit starts sharply at 7:00pm.

Formal sitting ends at 8:00pm.

Informal gathering in the lobby until 8:30pm.

Zen Practice

Zenwest offers opportunities for practice in Victoria, BC in Canada. Of particular interest is our free online course.  We have distance members in many different countries practicing remotely.

Online Courses

Zenwest offers a free on-line course  and teachings online to help your practice. Learn at your own pace!

Zenwest Community

We are currently undergoing a rebuilding and a reimagining of our community. If you wish to be a part of exciting new opportunities, contact us.

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Practice Schedule and Events

Look up time and location for our practice opportunities here.

About Zenwest

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