We’re back on our cushions!! Come sit with us at the UVic Interfaith Chapel.  Zenwest will also be sponsoring a Monday afternoon sit at 4:30 every second week starting September 16, 2019.

To remind you, Zenwest’s Tuesday Evening Zen Meditation at the Interfaith Chapel is an open door to explore the way of zazen (seated meditation), the traditional and integral practice of Zen Buddhism. 

At our Tuesday evening public Zen Meditation at the UVic Interfaith Chapel we practice chanting, a Zen talk is offered by a Zenwest priest and all this is bracketed by fifteen-minute periods of sitting, and walking meditation. There is no cost for attendance.

Location and Time:

UVic Interfaith Chapel, near Finnerty Gardens

Parking Lot #6
Parking Cost $3.00

Free parking on Cedar Hill X Road & Gordon Head Road

We offer self-investigation through Zen meditation.
Arrive by 6:50pm, sit starts sharply at 7:00pm.
Formal sitting ends at 8:00pm.
Informal gathering in the lobby until 8:30pm.