Zenwest Newsletter – March 2016

New Venue for Tuesday Sits
Zenwest 2016 Q2 FUNdraising Drive – By Eshu Osho
January Swallowtail – By Elder Hōyū Boulter
Rocking It Out in Surprising Ways—an XYZen Event – By Seishin Ledingham
Soshin’s Travelling Nut Bar Recipe
When I Say God After Anne-Marie Turza’s Poem: “Dear God—And When I Say God, I mean the God” – By Shinzen Ruebsaat
Meet A Member: Inzen Jordan
Building Bridges: Our Sister Sangha in Nanaimo – by Jusan Barton
Lend An Ear – By Kozan Nishigaya
Ask Eshu!
Letter to the Editor (Our first one!)
Write On!

Training Meetings

Maintaining Formal Zen training while leading a busy life with a family and career can be difficult. If you aren’t able to make it to the Zendo as often as you would like, one way of supporting your daily home practice is to schedule Training Meetings with Eshu Osho. This is an opportunity to investigate your practice in an intimate one-on-one environment with our Abbot and teacher.

Zenwest Chants

Zenwest Chants

Here you will find the Zenwest Chant Book as well as MP3 recordings of all the chants done in our regular Sunday service.

Zenwest Newsletter – February 2016

New Practice Digs: Chapel Renos
The SMF Chanting Choir
Meet a Member: Janine Theobold
Building Bridges: Greetings from a Distance Member in Amsterdam! – by Richard Moore
XYZen Upcoming Gathering
Dare to be Different – photo by Elder Hoyu
Sangha in the Streets – By Eko Joshua Goldberg